Open Scholarship Discussions for Open Ed Week

Open Scholarship Discussions for Open Ed Week

Join us for one some or all of three discussions (March 7th, 8th and 9th at noon Eastern) on Open Scholarship as part of Open Education Week activities at the University of Windsor.

For much of the past two years, the Office of Open Learning has focused on trying to help people move their teaching online. But teaching is not the only domain in which the internet and its possibilities impact education: in this Open Education Week, as we look towards the future of open, we wanted to focus on open scholarship. Open scholarship practices build on the capacities of the internet and digital media to make research and scholarly artifacts publicly available.

Whether it’s publishing scholarship in open journals or using open approaches, the engagement in public scholarship practices in your field, or thinking of your open research as a teaching tool, open scholarship presents an opportunity for research engagement and knowledge mobilization. This week we will be holding a series of public discussions about various forms of open scholarship.

Monday, March 7th 2022 at Noon Eastern – Open Scholarship: What Counts as Open Publishing?

Dr. Chris Friend, Assistant Professor of English in New Media at Kean University, NJ, and Director of the academic Journal Hybrid Pedagogy will talk about open scholarship. We will talk about publishing and what we can consider ‘open scholarship’ in 2022.

Tuesday, March 8th 2022 at Noon Eastern – Open Scholarship: Working in Public

Dr. Bonnie Stewart, of UWindsor’s Faculty of Education, will share a short presentation on benefits, strategies, and challenges of doing research work in public, using open and digital platforms. This will be followed by a facilitated Community of Practice discussion with tips.

Wednesday March 9th 2022 at Noon Eastern– Open Scholarship: For Tenure and Promotion

Open scholarship practices often generate different forms of recognition and prestige than conventional scholarship does, so in an effort to honour the work that scholars do in the open, OOL has interviewed open scholarship experts from around the world this past year to develop a Tenure and Promotion framework with open practice at its core. The first 15-20 minutes will be a presentation of the document, followed by time for discussion with participants. All feedback on this work is most welcome.

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