On the 9th day of the OOLidays: Transforming Post-Secondary Student Engagement using the YuJa Video Enterprise Platform

On the 9th day of the OOLidays: Transforming Post-Secondary Student Engagement using the YuJa Video Enterprise Platform

Lorie Stolarchuk, Learning Specialist in the Office of Open Learning

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Is there an educational technology tool that can be used with some pedagogical practices such as authentic assessment, experiential learning, and collaborative group work? One such tool available to all UWindsor users is the YuJa Video Enterprise Platform.

Authentic Assessment:

Gone are the days of rote memorization and regurgitation. Imagine students showcasing their knowledge and experience using video for presentations, virtual or actual simulations or experiments, role-playing, storytelling, walking tours or digital debates. Instructors can design assessments that mirror students’ challenges in their future careers while providing a meaningful and engaging learning experience [1]. A bonus feature for resulting videos is that students can share their artifacts to their ePortfolios for future job applications or to their social media platforms.

Experiential Learning:

YuJa supports experiential learning by enabling educators to create or share immersive content through videos directly or into their Brightspace course site. Whether virtual field trips, industry expert interviews, or industry video demonstrations, the platform opens doors to a world of practical knowledge. Students can engage with content by connecting their course-based theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios.

Group Collaboration:

YuJa supports seamless individual or group media sharing within the virtual environment and beyond. Students collaborating on video projects can begin by sharing access to their media project files and providing peer feedback using optionally enabled comments through the platform’s collaborative features. These projects benefit student learning when the resulting videos are used in student group presentations [2] or for learning new languages. Online video editing tools provide features to trim or add content, adjust backgrounds, or insert targeted blurring, edit captions, and more.  

Customized viewing and distribution

YuJa’s rich media player features include personal notetaking, adding or reading video comments, altering video speed, accessing captions, or downloading notes or transcripts. Other YuJa distribution features involve developing and sharing playlists or utilizing course channels. 

Get an introduction to using YuJa in a virtual workshop offered by the Office of Open Learning.


This blog is adapted from an article written by ChatGPT using the following prompt: Write an article about using YuJa Video Enterprise Platform in post-secondary classes for student engagement. Use a warm inviting tone, and incorporate using authentic assessment, experiential learning, group work, or reflection.


[1] Jopp, R. (2020) A case study of a technology-enhanced learning initiative that supports authentic assessment, Teaching in Higher Education, 25:8, 942-958, DOI: 10.1080/13562517.2019.1613637

[2] Namin, A., Ketron, S. C., Kaltcheva, V. D., & Winsor, R. D. (2021). Improving Student Presentation Skills Using Asynchronous Video-Based Projects. Journal of Management Education. https://doi.org/10.1177/1052562920978805

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