On the 8th day of the OOLidays: Join the H5P team and get help creating free interactive content

On the 8th day of the OOLidays: Join the H5P team and get help creating free interactive content

Mark Lubrick, Learning Specialist in the Office of Open Learning

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Everyone at the University of Windsor has access to create free interactive content via the H5P portal provided by eCampus Ontario. Even better, the team at the Office of Open Learning can help build content for you and realize your vision.

H5P has 60 content types that you can use to add interactively to you Brightspace course site, departmental Drupal site, or your own personal site. At the core of H5P’s appeal lies its ability to seamlessly integrate interactive elements into diverse learning materials. From gamified learning involving crosswords, wordsearches, matching, and quizzes to immersive virtual experiences, H5P transforms static content into dynamic, interactive journeys. With H5P, educators can effortlessly embed interactive videos, simulations, timelines, and more, breaking free from traditional learning constraints and fostering a more engaging and effective educational experience.

H5P is also an accessible platform that lets users create content that is not only visually appealing but also easily navigable for all learners, including those with diverse needs. You can check the full list of accessible content types. Whether it’s incorporating audio descriptions, ensuring keyboard navigation, or providing readable text, H5P enables the creation of content that meets the needs of your students.

Starting in the new year, the Office of Open Learning is also going to organize a H5P working group. This group will share resources they have built, best practices when planning and designing H5P sessions, and will review how to build different H5P content types. There will also be time dedicated for people to work on creating the resources that they may not previously had time to do; all alongside people who can help you. You don’t have to wait until then though. You can sign up for H5P workshops to learn more or contact Mark Lubrick and Ashlyne O’Neil in the Office of Open Learning to get one-on-one help.

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